FACeB2B: the automation of electronic invoicing B2B

  • FACeB2B stands as a General entry point for electronic invoices between companies.

  • On March 9th, the new Contracts Law came into effect, which will begin to be applied from June 30th, 2018 and which includes the launch of FACeB2B

The digitization of administrative business processes is essential as companies seek profitability and efficiency in their businesses.

On January 15, 2015, the electronic invoice was implemented in the Public Sector through the FACe  platform, which represented a great change in business turnover.

After its booming success, the Ministry of Finance and Public Services launched the FACeB2B platform, a replica that will serve for relations between companies in the field of public procurement, where contractors and subcontractors come into play, as well as in the B2B ecosystem. alien to the public Administrations of the State.

The implementation of FACeB2B, platform that stands as a General entry point of electronic invoices between companies, will allow full automation of B2B invoicing processes.

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What is FACeB2B?

FACeB2B has been created with two main objectives:

  • The creation of this platform, seeks simplification and encourage the use of electronic invoicing between companies safely and legally. To do this, FACeB2B, has been designed to function as a distribution HUB of invoices for those customers or business of invoicing services who in a discretionary manner, wish to make use of the system for their B2B relationships. The use of this platform will allow significant savings of time and money for businesses, since it allows the automation of the entire invoicing flow. With a simple integration of your ERP with the platform, it can receive and issue invoices from all those entities that are also integrated with FACeB2B, in a simple and totally legal manner.
  • This platform will allow remission of invoices from subcontractors to the main contractor. Contract Act 9/2017, previously cited, States that the use of electronic invoicing will be enforced in relations between subcontractors and main contractors of the public administration when the amount exceeds 5,000 euros.

The solution from Docuten

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