Enxendra is a technology and innovation company which is dedicated to creating electronic invoicing, digital signature and electronic voting services. All of our solutions are created based on usability and cost reduction.

Our products

Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoice creation in facturae format through the website or integrated with the management systems of the company.


With Docuten manage flows of issuance and receipt of invoices to FACeB2B, General invoices entry point between companies

Electronic signature

Digital signature and identification with electronic certificates, easy to use and integrate. Try our biometric signature for mobile phones.

SVAT Regulations’ Immediate Supply of Information (SII)

Through the new Enxendra platform, you can send information to the SII in XML format, defined by the tax agency via Web Service.

Electronic voting

Electronic voting allows you to cast your vote wherever you are without using traditional methods, in a fully valid and legal way.

Transfer of data for the RGPD

Record the consent of each user with our platform that allows you to do all of this in a safe, legal, and easy way. Docuten as a Trusted Third party




Real, global and effective interoperability

Enxendra / Docuten is certified as an official PEPPOL Access Point service by the OpenPEPPOL association. This means that all our customers and users, when using Docuten products & solutions, are automatically connected to the world’s largest network of e-invoincing & e-procurement platforms, without requiring bilateral interconnection agreements between operators.

EU Directive 2014/55

Docuten’s PEPPOL services are fully complient with Directive 2014/55 by supporting the electronic invoicing model adopted by the EU EN16931 standard, mandatory for all European public administrations (national, regional and local) from April 2019.

Companies that trust in us