About us

At Enxendra, everyday we work on improving and offering digital solutions that increase productivity and generate a fast and efficient work flow so that you can spend less time on administrative processes in your company and more time on growing and expanding.

Previously, we were working with HazteUnaFacturae.com and SigneDoc projects, separate electronic invoicing and digital signature solutions, as well as customised projects for clients and other digital solutions such as electronic voting or the new VAT Regulations’ Immediate Supply of Information (SII).

Today, Enxendra has thousands of clients on its online platform and customised projects.

Enxendra Technologies has offices in Madrid, A Coruña and Barcelona.

We create solutions that facilitate the flow and automation of processes within the commercial documents or Procurement to Pay cycle

 What is the Commercial Document Cycle?

The commercial documents cycle makes up the set of administrative or sales processes which are carried out as soon as the consumer’s interest is peaked, until the moment when the payment is made. That is to say; tender, contract, purchase, payment and banking settlement, and all the processes that they encompass. Enxendra Technologies works to improve and facilitate commerce in your company, making the different steps into simple automated exercises through our solutions, which allow you to focus on your growth and expansion at your company.

Our principles


We innovate every day to offer the best services starting from simplicity.

Own product

We develop solutions for electronic invoicing, digital signatures and electronic voting, offering you usability and cost savings


We take our services to your company, making the integration convenient.


We provide security and cost savings in your accounting tasks.